Oliver & I are busy painting the illustrations for our 2nd book!


This is where Oliver & I have been spending a fair amount of time these days working on the next story. The view from the windows is into our Gardens where the carved glass is displayed. I had gotten a little sidetracked for several months and for a few "reasons". The goofiest reason is that I couldn't imagine that it was fair to my husband-glass artist partner, Julian, that I should get to spend hours a day doing something that is SO much fun for me while he takes on more of the heavy lifting and sandblasting of glass to allow me the time. This is how much I love illustrating…when I've painted the night before it is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning. And the first thing I do is go out to my painting space and see how the pages look in the daylight. It was Julian that made my drawing space for me. And it was Julian who encouraged me to get back to daily hours of painting by telling me he knew this was our future. He mentioned it in a lot of ways, some sweeter than others, all appreciated. Anyone who works, with their heart on their sleeve, at something they love must realize the value of such a friend. I'm grateful and I'm painting!

A NOTE FROM OLIVER… I just wanted to mention that until my pal, Karin, got back to painting everyday, living in Florida as we do, with doors left open a lot, some mosquitos hatched in the cup full of painting water (see cup above left under birdhouse). They were delicious!