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Welcome to My website & Blog & the home of а а а а а а а а а а а а а Oliver the Overachiever

Mom's Choice Awards-Gold

Oliver the Overachiever came to life in the one acre Garden that my husband, Julian Mesa, & I share as our studio. The studio is called La Mancha Glass Gardens, and is an acre of oaks & orchids & art. Now when I walk in the Garden I see through the eyes of my book. There is Oliver’s lantern home, the flower pot where he hatched, the cat he chose not to fear, and the colors he tried out (other than greens & browns!)

“Oliver the Overachiever” is my first published children’s book. There is a sequel already written in the Oliver series, which I am currently illustrating. And I have five other children’s picture books in progress.а

I hope that Oliver encourages children to be themselves and live their own adventurous lives. The world will be better because they do!а

KDEMESA1@ME.COM а ай Karin Mesa 2012
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