Going to visit an elf, make her part of a story, and be part of hers


Actual date of this post was Tuesday March 27, 2012

Oliver and I have just come up for air. There’s been so much to do and learn in this new storytelling, picture drawing adventure. We’ve been very productive and very busy and it’s a great life! We’ve also made a lot of new friends. But it’s time for a visit to the elf, Nandi, to recharge on zaniness.

Oliver has packed his velvety wisteria pod suitcase and we’ve got two books in mind to buy for Nandi. We want to get her “Stars”, with illustrations by Marla Frazee and “A house in the Woods”, with illustrations by Inga Moore.

Nandi is the inspiration for the elf in my new story “Something the Cat Dragged In” and I’ll be taking some reference photos for the illustration paintings during our visit.

Well, must go, back soon!