Title- Today is World Read Aloud Day!

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Actual date of this post was Wednesday March 7, 2012

I was thinking today about my GOALS as a writer/illustrator...they all radiate out from something very simple, changing reality for the better with a story and pictures.

A simple storyteller goal on this World Read Aloud Day is to create a safe and inspiring space, a created world a little removed from day to day life. It’s a space with an agreement to communicate as a book spans at least 2 laps.

Your voice forms and shares ideas before a child’s eyes recognize symbols. I think that caring for the children you read to transfers to them caring for reading as they grow up.

Reading to young children is such an important step towards literacy. And literacy is the key to one’s dreams. Oliver Anole and I are real advocates of dreamers!

Here’s the website where you can check out the activities celebrating World Read Aloud DayWWW.LitWorld.org

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Laura Sherman

Wow, what a great article! I never considered any of these points. I have read to my children a lot over the years, but know that I could do more. They LOVE it when we cuddle and read together.

Thank you for the inspiration!


Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 11:56 AM