Is grasshopper riding scary?


Actual date of this post was Wednesday February 8, 2012

Hi there,

It’s Oliver again. I can see Karin from here at her drawing table. She’s painting pages 3 &4 of “Oliver Anole and the Wild Grasshopper Rodeo”. She’s smiling and busy so I am dancing around the keypad tonight to send some news from our studio.

We had a question this week from Sara & Izzy. They asked if grasshopper riding is scary. Karin asked me about it and I told her the truth is at first it was, a little. To start with, the grasshoppers weren’t exactly interested in talking. They just kept crunching on the lily leaves. And, of course, we fell off a few times. But every time we fell we learned something not to do. For example, don’t wave at your friend Peasly with both hands while you’re flying. Remain seated until the hopper lands. Probably you get the idea.

The more we practiced the better we became and the more fun it became. Karin is always using the word “competent”. And that’s what we become, competent with practice.

page 6

So Sara & Izzy I have to tell you it was so worth it to practice and practice. I wish you could try grasshopper riding. It’s really fun. Watch for pictures of it in the next book. I going over to sit on Karin’s cup of paint water, splash my feet a little and watch her painting.